B5b. Restaurants and Cooking

NSHS-B5 Celebraciones

¡Buen provecho!

Novice high proficiency goal


Grammar objectives:

Cultural Comparisons

Comparaciones culturales: ¡Qué delicioso! - English - Spanish

Hidden Object Puzzles: Look up the words and find the objects!

Interactive Crates Game

Worksheet Vocabulario: Mate, yerba mate, bombilla, compartir

Spanish Proficiency Exercises

Excellent speaking examples for study and for practice.  You are given the video, the transcript, vocabulary lists, and more.  Great for getting ready for the Speaking Test!

Describe how you would go about preparing dinner for friends.

Order a simple meal.

Talk about your favorite restaurant.


Video stories from the fabulous Señor Wooly

¡Queremos eso! by Señor Wooly - materiales

¡Qué asco! by Señor Wooly

¡Qué asco! by Señor Wooly - Stills - Vocabulary

¡Qué asco! fan video

¡Qué asco! - fan video

PAN by Señor Wooly
Insectos comestibles


Independent practice

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Recursos - Onedrive

NSHS-B5b Crossreference A12, MHS-B2, old NSHS-6a (Realidades L1-5B)