Indirect and Double Object Pronouns

Realidades Textbook

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Book 1 Chapter 7B p. 360

Book 2 Chapter 4A p. 199 (Review)

A09 Indirect Object Pronouns.wmv
A09 Verbs that use the Indirect Object.wmv

Gramactiva video: Indirect object pronouns

Exprésate Textbook Resources

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Book 2 Chapter 2A p. 50 (with Dar, Decir)

Practice Indirect Object Pronouns with Dar and Decir

Double object pronouns.mp4
GV3 Passive SE with IO Pronouns.wmv
GV3 Repaso Object Pronouns.wmv
GV3 Repaso Verbs with IO Pronouns.wmv
Zambombazo: An Explosion of Language and Culture

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Object pronouns

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Directindirect Object Pronouns plain.ppt

Music videos to help you learn!

Double Object Pronouns (Ho Hey) - YouTube.MP4