Ser vs. Estar

Ser vs. Estar

There is only one verb for existence in English: to be (I am, you are, he is...)

One of the perplexing features of Spanish is that there are two verbs that mean "to be", but they're not interchangeable. As a novice learner, this topic was very frustrating for me.

But these resources should help you to avoid the confusion and figure out how to use these two fundamental verbs correctly. It's really not as hard as it might seem. I hope that you master the difference between ser and estar faster than I did back before the Internet existed!

Realidades Textbook
Exprésate Textbook Resources

Online activities from the Realidades textbook

Book 1 Chapter 5B p. 258

GramActiva: Ser vs Estar

Online activities from the Exprésate textbook

Book 1 Chapter 6A p. 200

Book 2 Chapter 2B p. 62 (Summary of uses)

Practice with Ser and Estar - More practice with Ser and Estar
Barbara Kuczun Nelson's Spanish Language & Culture

Self-correcting exercises

Ser vs. Estar Online Grammar Practice

Excellent grammar explanations with video

Bowdoin Online Spanish Grammar

Detailed grammar explanations with self-correcting exercises

Uses of Ser and Estar

Conjuguemos Online Spanish Practice
VideoEle: Learn Spanish online

Online practice and games

Videos and interactive activities to learn Spanish online

Ser vs. Estar

Zambombazo: An Explosion of Language and Culture

Online Grammar Lessons with worksheets

Ser vs. Estar lesson

Music videos and activities for practice

Ser vs. Estar

Spanish Proficiency Exercises from the University of Texas at Austin

Video interviews, podcasts, and grammar explanations

Ser vs. Estar Practice
Quizziz online quizzes

Quizizz Class Practice - Start Game - Student Login

Ser vs. Estar Practice


Pinterest: Ser vs. Estar

Ser vs. Estar

Ser vs. Estar

Music videos to help you learn!