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A2. About You

Mis amigos y yo

Novice Low Proficiency Goal

Unit Stamps for Students

Capítulo 1: Mis amigos y yo (Realidades páginas 24-71)

Learning Targets

·       Discuss activities you and others like and don’t like to do
·       Describe your favorite activities and ask others about theirs
·       Describe yourself and others
·       Use the appropriate definite or indefinite article with nouns

Essential Question

·       How are activities in Spanish-speaking countries similar to and different from activities I do?

Key Vocabulary

·       Cognate
·       Verb
·       Infinitive
·       Adjective
·       Definite article

·       Indefinite article 

  • Listen to and read about activities people do and don't like to do
  • Talk and write about what you and others like and don't like to do
  • Describe your favorite activities and ask others about theirs
  • Listen to and read descriptions of others
  • Talk and write about your personality traits
  • Describe your personality to others
Grammar objectives:

Cultural Comparisons

Cultural Comparisons: Likes and Dislikes (English)

Cultural Comparisons: Likes & Dislikes - English - Spanish

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Me gusta bandera

¿Qué te gusta? actividades
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Spanish Proficiency Exercises

Describe yourself to others.
Talk about yourself (nationality, age, occupation, etc.).
Ask questions to get to know somebody.

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