NSHS-B1 Review of Spanish 1
Novice Mid Proficiency Goal
Essential Question

What is the relationship between culture and language? What is unusual or special about how Spanish is spoken in your adopted country?

Realidades 1
I will be able to:
NSHS-B1 Unit Overview
Textbook Resources

Para empezar (Realidades 2 Para empezar)

Para empezar

Assessments & Rubrics

Role of Performance Assessment
Proyecto: ¿Quién soy?
Proyecto: ¿Quién soy?

Proyecto - Timer

  • Practice for the Written Test (Interpretive Mode)

Semester 1 Mastery item: The Big Four (Interpretive Mode)

Music videos
Interpretive Listening Practice Videos

World Language Standards for Oregon

Learners proficient at NOVICE MID can use the target language and cultural knowledge to understand, exchange, and present basic information and short messages about very familiar topics in everyday contexts using a variety of rehearsed or memorized words, phrases, and simple sentences and questions.

WICOR Strategies


Textbook activities, workbook pages, taking notes, writing acronyms using adjectives, travel journal


Discussion of essential question, cognates, question games, online exploration


Quizzing, Stamper sheet, reading with partners


Discussion of word order and sentence structure, practicing with flash cards


Read culture sections, book activities, children’s books, online resources


Recursos - OneDrive - Unit Plan

NSHS-B1 Crossreference PD Pasodoble, MHS-B0, old NSHS-B0 (Realidades PE-5)