Spanish 1

Spanish 1
Course Description

FS201S1/FS201S2 - Fine/App Arts
OUS: Yes 
NCAA: Yes 
Fine & Applied Arts: Yes Grade Level: 9-12
Prerequisite: None

 This course is designed to introduce the student to the Spanish language and the culture of some Spanish speaking nations. The four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing will be introduced.  Communication in Spanish will be stressed. Oral production will consist of isolated words and learned needs and expressing basic courtesies. Utterances usually consist of two or three words and show frequent pauses and repetition of interlocutor's words. Speaker may have some difficulty producing the simplest utterances. Some speakers will be understood only with difficulty. Listening, reading, and writing proficiency will be slightly higher.

Planned Course Statement: Spanish 1
Spanish 1 Syllabus

Semester 1
Semester 2
NSHS-A1 Para Empezar
   Introduction to Spanish
NSHS-A4 La comida
NSHS-A2 Mis amigos y yo
   My friends and I 
NSHS-A5 Los pasatiempos
   Sports and Activities
NSHS-A3 En la escuela
NSHS-A6 Fiesta en familia
  Family and celebrations

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Mastery items
Realidades 1 Textbook

Certain core concepts are extremely important for students to master completely.   You can't do math very well if you don't know the difference between "+" and "-".  You can't do Spanish well unless you know the core ideas either.

I always say that students should know these items "backwards, forwards, and in their sleep."  They will be given multiple opportunities to pass both sets of tests (English to Spanish and Spanish to English).  Their course grade will be an Incomplete (I) until they have mastered both tests at 100%.  Spelling (including accent marks) counts.  Study guides are attached below.

Semester 1
Personal (Subject) Pronouns

10 subject pronouns: I, you, he, she, we, they... 
Students are not responsible for vosotros/vosotras forms, although they are shown on the attachment for informational purposes.  Please use this resources page to study.

Semester 2
The "Big Four"
Conjugate and be able to explain the usage of IR (to go)SER (to be)ESTAR (to be), and TENER (to have)... and, of course, their matching subject pronouns!

Be successful!

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How to get the Spanish high!

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