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A6. Family

Fiesta en familia

Novice Mid Proficiency Goal
Unit Stamps for Students
Capítulo 5: Fiesta en familia (Realidades 1 páginas 220-269)

Learning Targets 
Describe family members and family relationships by using possessive adjectives 
Discuss plans for a party, including decorations and activities 
Conjugate the verbs tener and venir 
Identify table settings and various restaurant items 
Use -ísimo to describe people and items 
Distinguish between the uses of ser and estar 

Essential Question: How are party traditions in Spanish-speaking countries similar to and different from my party traditions? 

Key Vocabulary
Irregular verb 
Stem-changing verb 
Possessive adjective 

  • Listen to and read descriptions of family members and family relationships
  • Talk and write about family, friends, and celebrations
  • Exchange information while describing your family
  • Listen to, read, and write information about restaurant meals and service
  • Write about plans for a celebration
  • Exchange information while describing physical features of family members
  • Create a family tree in Spanish: Scoring Guide for Family Tree
Grammar objectives:
  • The verb tener
  • Possessive adjectives
  • The verb venir
  • The verbs ser and estar

The family

Travel vocabulary: Tutorial and practice

Family tree
Family tree: Interactive tutorial and practice

Family Tree Game
The Family Tree Game

Spanish Word Toss: Family
Spanish Word Toss: Choose the "People" option

Physical descriptions
Physical descriptions: Interactive tutor and practice

¿Quién es? Game
¿Quién es? Game - Physical descriptions

Spanish Word Toss: Family

Game: Mi familia
Game: Los animales
Game: Quién es Quién?

Guapo por Señor Wooly

Señor Wooly: Guapo
Games and Activities:


Highly recommended activities on  These can be used for practice as well as for remediation.

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Mi familia

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Vocabulario para Conversar

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