NSHS-A6 Fiesta en familia
Novice Mid Proficiency Goal

Capítulo 5: Fiesta en familia (Realidades 1 páginas 220-269)

Unit Stamps for Students
Learning Targets
  • Describe family members and family relationships by using possessive adjectives

  • Discuss plans for a party, including decorations and activities

  • Conjugate the verbs tener and venir

  • Identify table settings and various restaurant items

  • Use -ísimo to describe people and items

  • Distinguish between the uses of ser and estar

Essential Question

How are party traditions in Spanish-speaking countries similar to and different from my party traditions?

Key Vocabulary
  • Irregular verb

  • Stem-changing verb

  • Possessive adjective

  • Diminutive

  • Adjective

I will be able to:
  • Listen to and read descriptions of family members and family relationships

  • Talk and write about family, friends, and celebrations

  • Exchange information while describing your family

  • Listen to, read, and write information about restaurant meals and service

  • Write about plans for a celebration

  • Exchange information while describing physical features of family members

  • Create a family tree in Spanish

Grammar targets
Assessments and Rubrics
Textbook Resources
Cultural Comparisons

Cultural comparisons: La Quinceañera - English - Spanish - Más

Cultural comparisons: La piñata - English - Spanish - Piñata song

La familia grande

Tengo una familia grande en una casa muy pequeña...

La canción de la familia

Puzzle: Family

Kahoot.it Games

Kahoot! Game - Review of Spanish 1

Quizziz online quizzes

Quizizz Class Practice - Start Game - Student Login

Tesoros Escondidos Hidden Object Puzzles

Hidden Object Puzzles: Look up the words and find the objects!

Tesoros escondidos Restaurante
Kahoot.it Games

Kahoot! Games for practice

Video stories from the fabulous Señor Wooly
Guapo por Señor Wooly

Señor Wooly: Guapo - Stills - Quiz - Vocabulary

Kahoot it! Guapo - Quizizz

La confesión de Victor - Señor Wooly

La Confesión de Victor - Stills - Quiz - Vocabulary - Quizizz

Feo by Señor Wooly

Me llamo Victor Graphic Novel - Preview

Family Tree Game

The Family Tree Game

Spanish Listening Activities

Mi familia - Laura - España

¿Tienes hermanos y hermanas? - Julián - Colombia

¿Quién es? Game

Games and Activities:


Highly recommended activities on Quia.com. These can be used for practice as well as for remediation.

La familia el grandísma

Mi familia


World Language Standards for Oregon

Learners proficient at NOVICE MID can use the target language and cultural knowledge to understand, exchange, and present basic information and short messages about very familiar topics in everyday contexts using a variety of rehearsed or memorized words, phrases, and simple sentences and questions.

WICOR Strategies


Textbook activities, workbook pages, taking notes, skits


Discussion of essential question, cognates, connections between languages & parties


Quizzing, skits, group project (party planning), disappearing T-charts, speed T-charts


Discussion of word order and sentence structure, conjugation cards, party planning


Read culture sections, book activities, children’s books

Recursos - OneDrive

NSHS-A6 Crossreference A05, MHS-A3, Holidays