NSHS-B4a En la ciudad
Novice high proficiency goal
Key Vocabulary
Assessments and Rubrics
Learning Targets
Pueblos y Ciudades Stamper Sheet


Essential Question
Links to Spanish Speaking Countries

How do cities in the Spanish-speaking world compare with each other and with cities here that you are familiar with, and how might the differences reflect cultural values?

Partner activities: En la ciudad - El museo A B  - El parque A B  - El correo A B - El metro A B - La biblioteca A B - La escuela secundaria A B - El mercado A B - El zoológico A B

Cultural Comparisons

Comparaciones culturales: Madrid v. Buenos Aires - English - Spanish

Comparaciones culturales: Lo moderno y lo antiguo - English - Spanish

Video stories from the fabulous Señor Wooly

El Antídoto del Dragón - Señor Wooly - materiales

El Recreo Ha Terminado by Señor Wooly

El Recreo ha Terminado - Señor Wooly - Stills - Quiz - Vocabulary

Worksheet: Mil Pasos (present and future tense identification)

Spanish Proficiency Exercises

Excellent speaking examples for students

Spanish Listening Activities

¿Cómo es tu ciudad? - Julián - Colombia

Ciudad de los Muertos


   World Language Standards for Oregon

Learners proficient at NOVICE HIGH can use the target language and cultural knowledge to understand, exchange, and present information about familiar topics in everyday contexts using a variety of rehearsed or memorized words and phrases with attempts at creating simple, original sentences and questions.

WICOR Strategies


Textbook activities, workbook pages, taking notes, writing acronyms using adjectives


Discussion of essential question, cognates, question games


Quizzing, picture file, reading with partners


Discussion of word order and sentence structure, practicing with conjugation cards


Read culture sections, book activities, children’s books, tongue twisters 

Recursos - OneDrive

NSHS-B4a Crossreference A10, MHS-B4 (Realidades L2-3A, L2-3B)