A1. Introduction

  • Greet people at different times of the day

  • Introduce yourself to others

  • Respond to classroom directions

  • Begin using numbers to tell time and talk about the calendar

  • Understand gender of nouns

  • Use the Spanish alphabet to spell words

What are some similarities and differences between Spanish and English?

  • Cognate

  • Formal and informal

  • Noun

  • Definite article

¿Puedo ir al baño? by Señor Wooly - Stills - Quiz - Vocabulary - Quizizz

Flores - Quizizz

Spanish started out as Latin, the language of the Roman Empire. What other languages began as Latin?

Basic Review Jeopardy Game

Kahoot! Games for practice

Yo Me Llamo Paco

Brandon Cuffee - Trojan Pride ‎(No Lie)‎

Brandon Cuffee - Poquito

Introducciones y Saludos Song

Yo me llamo Paco

Cuffee - Trojan Pride (No Lie) - YouTube.FLV
Brandon Cuffee - Poquito (ocho cinco).MP4

In-class Jeopardy game

Quizizz Individual Practice Class Practice - Start Game - Student Login

World Language Standards for Oregon

Learners proficient at NOVICE LOW can use the target language and cultural knowledge to understand, exchange, and present basic information about highly predictable everyday topics using a variety of rehearsed or memorized words and phrases.

Interpretive Mode

Interpersonal Mode

Presentational Mode







Learners can recognize and identify a few words, signs, phrases, cognates, and simple statements from highly predictable spoken, written or signed texts on a limited range of very familiar topics in everyday contexts.

Learners can exchange basic information and express some basic needs, preferences, or feelings by using rehearsed or memorized words, phrases, simple sentences, and questions on a limited range of familiar topics in everyday contexts.

Learners can speak, sign, or write to provide information about self in everyday contexts relevant to their lives using rehearsed or memorized words and basic phrases.


Textbook activities, workbook pages, taking notes, practicing alphabet, making flashcards


Discussion of Essential Question, tú vs. usted, cognates, gender of nouns, types of learners


Practicing greetings, class count-off, reviewing days/date/time, games, quizzing


Organizing notebooks, order of days/months/numbers


Read culture sections, book activities, children’s books

Recursos - OneDrive

Crossreference PP, MHS-A1