Alphabet and pronunciation

This page has resources for learning the Spanish alphabet and a few pronunciation tips. The great news is that Spanish sounds are very easy to learn.

Realidades Textbook

Realidades textbook

Book 1 Para Empezar p. 12

Pronunciation Written Accent.pptx
Exprésate Textbook Resources

Exprésate textbook

Book 1 Chapter 1 p. 22

Punctuation marks and written accents.mp4
Ponle Acento 2019- The Accent Within (Spanish Version).mp4
4.10 - Flowers_ Accents & Tildes.flv
Señor Jordan's Spanish Videos

Excellent grammar explanations with video

01004 Spanish Lesson - Alphabet _ Alfabeto (Revised) - YouTube.MP4
Zambombazo: An Explosion of Language and Culture

Music videos and activities for practice Online Grammar Practice

Grammar explanations with self-correcting exercises

Spanish pronunciation main page

Barbara Kuczun Nelson's Spanish Language & Culture

Self-correcting exercises

Pronunciation in Spanish

Spanish Grammar Lessons

Online Grammar Lessons with worksheets

Detailed grammar explanations with self-correcting exercises

Pronunciation of consonants and vowels

VideoEle: Learn Spanish online

Videos and interactive activities to learn Spanish online

Typeracer game

Play the Typeracer game in Spanish!

Typing Spanish Characters

You don't have to have special skills - check out these options!

Music videos to help you learn!

Video stories from the fabulous Señor Wooly
Vibra Viral - Señor Wooly

Vibra Viral - Quizizz

El alfabeto - Cadence (military style)

Have you ever learned the Spanish Alphabet like this - Magia escolar.FLV
El alfabeto en español (Spanish Alphabet) - Magia escolar.FLV