Demonstrative adjectives

Big name for a very basic idea: pointing out which thing or things we're talking about. In English, we use this and these, that and those. Pretty simple stuff once you get the hang of it. Here are some resources to learn more.

Realidades Textbook

Online activities from the Realidades textbook

Book 1 Chapter 7A p. 332


Gramactiva video: Demonstrative Adjectives

Exprésate Textbook Resources

Online activities from the Exprésate textbook

Book 1 Chapter 8A p. 278

Practice with demonstrative adjectives

Demonstrative adjectives and comparisons.mp4
Demonstrative adjectives and adverbs of place.mp4
GV3 Repaso Comparatives Demonstratives Adjectives and Pronouns.wmv
Barbara Kuczun Nelson's Spanish Language & Culture

Self-correcting exercises

Demonstrative adjectives

VideoEle: Learn Spanish online

Videos and interactive activities to learn Spanish online

Los demostrativos

Bowdoin Online Spanish Grammar

Detailed grammar explanations with self-correcting exercises

Demonstratives Online Grammar Practice

Grammar explanations with self-correcting exercises


Zambombazo: An Explosion of Language and Culture

Music videos and activities for practice

Spanish Grammar Lessons

Online Grammar Lessons with worksheets

Demonstrative adjectives

Music videos to help you learn!

3.5 - Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns in the Office.flv