Past participles

The Past Participle is like the "-ed" form in English. It's used as an adjective and also in the Present Perfect (I have opened, you have eaten, etc.) Here are some helpful resources.

Realidades Textbook

Online activities from the Realidades textbook

Book 2 Chapter 6B p. 331 (with the Present Perfect)

Book 3 Chapter 2A p. 79 (with Estar)

Irregular past participles.mp4
Past participles used as adjectives.mp4
44_past_participle_adject (1).mov
3.3 - Past Participles as Adjectives in the Restaurant.flv
Zambombazo: An Explosion of Language and Culture

Music videos and activities for practice

Barbara Kuczun Nelson's Spanish Language & Culture

Self-correcting exercises

Past participles Online Grammar Practice

Grammar explanations with self-correcting exercises

The past participle

Bowdoin Online Spanish Grammar

Detailed grammar explanations with self-correcting exercises

Past participles

VideoEle: Learn Spanish online

Videos and interactive activities to learn Spanish online