Stem-changing verbs: E>IE

This section covers a large variety of verbs that fit a particular pattern. Although it may seem strange at first, you will get the hang of it with practice. You may also want to check out the page dedicated to the verb Pensar.

Realidades Textbook

Online activities from the Realidades textbook

Book 1 Chapter 7A p. 330

Online activities from the Exprésate textbook

Book 1 Ch. 3A p. 90 (Querer)

Book 1 Ch. 5A p. 166 (E>IE Stem Changing verbs)

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Present tense of querer with infinitives.mp4
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Stem-Changing Verbs: E>IE

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Check out the full conjugations of:

Querer - Pensar - Preferir

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Stem-changing verbs

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Stem changing verbs