Direct Object Pronouns

The Itty Bitty Words in Spanish

These little words are a bit tricky in Spanish. Here's help.

Realidades Textbook

Online activities from the Realidades textbook

Book 1 Chapter 7B p. 360

Grammar video

Exprésate Textbook Resources

Online activities from the Exprésate textbook

Book 1 Chapter 6B p. 212

Book 1 Chapter 9B p. 326 (Review of Direct Object Pronouns)

Book 1 Chapter 10B p. 366 (Review of Direct Objects)

Book 2 Chapter 1B p. 24 (Review of the Present Progressive and DO Pronouns)

Practice with Direct Object Pronouns - Review 1 - Review 2 - Review 3

GV3 Repaso Object Pronouns.wmv
Señor Jordan's Spanish Videos

Excellent grammar explanations with video

Direct Object Pronoun Song

Direct Objects 1 - 2 - 3

Zambombazo: An Explosion of Language and Culture

Music videos and activities for practice

Spanish Proficiency Exercises from the University of Texas at Austin

Video interviews, podcasts, and grammar explanations

Spanish Grammar Lessons

Online Grammar Lessons with worksheets

Direct Objects

Barbara Kuczun Nelson's Spanish Language & Culture

Self-correcting exercises

DO Pronoun Practice

Bowdoin Online Spanish Grammar

Detailed grammar explanations with self-correcting exercises

Object pronouns

Single Object Pronouns

Music videos to help you learn!

Video stories from the fabulous Señor Wooly
No lo tengo - Señor Wooly

No lo tengo - Señor Wooly - Stills

Fillable Form Worksheet - Nitro Cloud - Google Drive Edit - Word Doc in Drive