NSHS-A3 La escuela
Novice Low Proficiency Goal
Unit Stamps for Students

Capítulo 2: La escuela (Realidades 1 páginas 72-121)

Learning Targets
  • Discuss school subjects, schedules, and supplies

  • Identify the location of various classroom items

  • Utilize subject pronouns to identify individuals and groups of people

  • Conjugate –ar verbs and the verbs ser and estar

  • Distinguish between singular and plural nouns and articles

Essential Question

How is the system of education in various Spanish-speaking countries similar to and different from the system of education in the United States?

Key Vocabulary
  • Subject pronouns (=Personal pronouns)

  • Infinitive

  • Conjugate

  • Definite article

  • Indefinite article

  • Regular and irregular verbs

I will be able to:
  • Listen to and read descriptions of school subjects and schedules

  • Talk and write about classes, school activities, and likes and dislikes

  • Exchange information while explaining what classes and activities my friends and I have in common

  • Listen to and read conversations and notes about school

  • Talk and write about classes, classrooms, and where things are located

  • Exchange information while describing someone's location

Grammar targets
Assessments and Rubrics
Textbook Resources
Cultural Comparisons

Cultural Comparisons: School Uniforms - English - Spanish

Cultural Comparisons: School in Argentina - English - Spanish

Comparaciónes culturales: Horarios y clases - English - Spanish


Pinterest - Las clases

Señor Wooly - Odio la clase de español

No lo tengo - Señor Wooly fan video

Mañana es el primer día de clases:

La mochila song

Quizziz online quizzes

Quizizz Class Practice - Start Game - Student Login

Schools in other countries (Argentina)

Tesoros Escondidos Hidden Object Puzzles

Hidden Object Puzzles: Look up the words and find the objects!

Hidden Object Puzzle: La Sala de Clases
Hidden Pictures - School

Authentic Resources

Secundaria INHUMYC - México

Horario - Blank Schedule

Play the Quizlet School Supplies Game

Quizlet School Supplies Scatter Game

Authentic Resources: Schedules

Authentic Resources: Compare School Schedules - PDF

Games & Activities
Spanish Proficiency Exercises

Excellent speaking examples for study and for practice. You are given the video, the transcript, vocabulary lists, and more. Great for getting ready for the Speaking Test!

Describe what and where you study.

Matamoscas Flyswatter Game
NSHS-A3 Matamoscas Flyswatter Games

World Language Standards for Oregon

Learners proficient at NOVICE LOW can use the target language and cultural knowledge to understand, exchange, and present basic information about highly predictable everyday topics using a variety of rehearsed or memorized words and phrases.

WICOR Strategies


Textbook activities, workbook pages, taking notes, writing acronyms using adjectives


Discussion of essential question, cognates, question games


Quizzing, picture file, reading with partners


Discussion of word order and sentence structure, practicing with conjugation cards


Read culture sections, book activities, children’s books, tongue twisters

Recursos - OneDrive

NSHS-A3 Crossreference A02, MHS-A4