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2. School

La escuela

Novice Low Proficiency Goal
Unit Stamps for Students
  • Listen to and read descriptions of school subjects and schedules
  • Talk and write about classes, school activities, and likes and dislikes
  • Exchange information while explaining what classes and activities you and your friends have in common
  • Listen to and read conversations and notes about school
  • Talk and write about classes, classrooms, and where things are located
  • Exchange information while describing someone's location
Grammar Objectives:
  • Subject pronouns
  • Present tense of -ar verbs
  • The verb estar
  • The expression hay
  • Plurals of nouns and articles
No lo tengo- Sr Wooly

Play the Quizlet School Supplies Game
Quizlet School Supplies Scatter Game


Spanish Proficiency Exercises
Excellent speaking examples for study and for practice.  You are given the video, the transcript, vocabulary lists, and more.  Great for getting ready for the Speaking Test!

Describe what and where you study.

School Supply Bingo

Realidades 2B Hip Hop

Pinterest - Las clases

Claudia esta cansada en la escuela

Mañana es el primer día de clases:

Part 2

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Kahoot Classroom Objects
Classroom Objects Kahoot!

BBC: The School Day
BBC: School Day

Schools in other Countries
Schools in other countries

¿Qué hay dentro del bolso de Benjamín?

Realidades Vocabulary Audio with Images

Authentic Resources
Secundaria INHUMYC - México

Horario - Blank Schedule
Authentic Resources: Compare School Schedules

Games and Activities: