Heading towards proficiency
Belief Statement: North Salem High School has adopted proficiency-based teaching, learning, and assessment as a tool for equity, ensuring consistent instruction, assessment, and high expectations for all students, while increasing transparency of instruction and grading practices.
        She's grading us on our proficiency

How to measure proficiency in World Languages has been refined over the last thirty years by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

Oregon Crosswalk with ACTFL Standards including average cumulative hours of study for benchmarks

You may have noticed that our Spanish course materials have "Proficiency Goal" arrows on the pages.  What do those mean?  Which is the same question as: what does speaking Spanish look like at various levels? (Adapted from: ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines)
ACTFL Samples (Calibrated) in Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking

Bicycle Sheets - Student-friendly explanation of proficiency levels

Three modes with connection to assessment
Learning a language naturally lends itself to proficiency-based teaching and learning.  What proficiency looks like for Spanish is actually nothing new.  Speaking and writing a language is by its very nature something that lends itself to performance-based learning and assessment.  

Proficiency Scale

The adopted proficiency scale will used with standard specific rubrics for summative and formative assessments, as well as for general understanding of proficiency. Spanish students will be assessed in three categories: Interpretive Communication, Interpersonal Communication, and Presentational Communication. Standards for cultural competence are embedded as well.

 4 - Highly Proficient 3 - Proficient 2 - Developing Proficiency 1 - Not Proficient
 Student demonstrates complex thinking and/or application. Student demonstrates the expected understanding and skills. Student demonstrates developing understanding and skills. Student demonstrates limited or no understanding and/or skills.


Then and Now