Taco Pasta

adapted from: Fake Ginger

1 Lb. ground turkey or beef

1 pkg. taco seasoning

1 can mild Rotel (diced tomatoes with green chiles)

4 c. water or low-sodium beef broth

2 c. small pasta

2 Tbl. butter

2-3 Tbl. flour

1 c. milk

1 1/2 c. Cheddar cheese, grated

salt and pepper, to taste

chopped cilantro, for garnish, opt. 

Brown ground meat in large saucepan over medium heat.  Add taco seasoning, undrained Rotel, water or beef broth and uncooked pasta and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and cover.  Simmer 12-14 minutes or until pasta is tender, stirring occasionally.  If the liquid has all been absorbed and the pasta is still not done, add more liquid.  

In a separate saucepan, melt butter; add flour and stir until a thick paste forms.  Cook a few minutes to allow the flour flavor to cook out, stirring occasionally.  Slowly whisk in milk and stir until thickened.  Remove from heat and stir in the grated cheese until smooth.  Season with salt and pepper.  Pour sauce mixture into pasta and stir to combine.  Cook a few minutes or until reaches desired thickness.  Garnish with cilantro, if desired.  Serves 4.