Welcome to the Digital Media Wiki for Shawnee High School's Digital Media classes in the Lenape Regional High School District

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The Digital Media Curriculum offers two course tracks focused on image creation and design tools. The first-year course is called Creative Digital Media, which provides a foundation in digital media concepts and skills. 

Creative Digital Media students experience photography and audio and video production. The curriculum covers camera skills, planning, creative collaboration and communication, research-based and creative script writing, digital video and audio recording techniques, digital file management, lighting, editing, graphics, design, and compositing. 

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In the second and third years, students can choose to specialize further in either photography or video/filmmaking.

For the photography track, students have the option to take Studio Photography and Photo 3, where they dive deeper into advanced photography techniques, image editing, and composition. These courses allow students to refine their skills in capturing and editing high-quality images, exploring various genres of photography, and developing a personal photographic style.

In the video production/filmmaking track, students can opt for Broadcast Media/Video Production and TV3. These courses focus on video production, storytelling, and post-production techniques. Students learn about camera operation, video editing, scriptwriting, and creating compelling visual narratives for different platforms.

Broadcast Media/Video Production students receive advanced instruction in electronic news gathering and other programming formats. Emphasis is placed on completing assignments to be aired on Lenape District TV and on the world wide web via ShawneeTV.com. Organizational skills, problem solving, creativity, writing skills, professionalism, and the ability to work cooperatively are modeled and discussed throughout the course. Students experience the vocational environment in a state of the art television production studio.

TV3 students create films for their college and career portfolios.  

Students can earn college credit through Rowan College at Burlington County via the College Acceleration Program (C.A.P.) in the TV Technology 2 and 3 courses. 7 Credits per class, up to 14 college credits!

The student production team develops media that can be seen all over the world via YouTube and Instagram.