Volleyball Camps, Clinics, Drills Speed Night

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We provide you with a great way to offer the great sport of volleyball to local young people!

Camps can raise as much as 5 thousand for your program.   

We organize the following based on your needs:

A camp
A clinic
Drills Speed Night

We teach the following in the camps-- based on what you wish:
basic skills: passing, setting, serving, blocking, spiking
basic rules
basic offenses and basic defensive concepts

We teach the same items at the clinics.  The length of the clinic will determine the depth each is covered.

Drills Speed Night is simply nights you line up for two or three hours and drills are run non stop.

For all events, we can provide:
All instruction
Schedule for event
Sign In Sheets
Registration Forms
Outline of promotional ideas
All other items you need from us

You would need to provide:
Counselors for each court
Equipment (volleyballs, etc)

If your facility is of reasonable size, the utilization of five courts can bring more than adequate profits.

You can NOT lose money through us.  Our rates are based on the number of participants. We do set a limit on ourselves.

For each of the events, click for more information:

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