Timing/Scoring Athletic Events

We time and score cross country  meets, track and field meets and small road races.     
(More details for each service can be found on links at the bottom of this page.)

We use HYTEK, RACETAB and ARJaM scoring programs.  Our FAT scoring system is Eagle Eye. 
We can use BIBS or chip timing for: cross country, road races, track and field non-seeded meets.
For Cross Country and Road Races, we can set up the video cameras, also, in case of any discrepancies.

 We work very hard at what we do.  However, we can not make guarantees that all will 'be perfect'.
Technology is awesome but computers can crash, video can be grainy, starter's signal may be lost, etc.  One power surge and computers crash. Times, score can just disappear on you!, etc.
We understand at your site, you cannot guarantee all will work perfect that day.  You cannot guarantee no power surges, black outs, bad weather, kids hitting the electrical supply, etc.

We can only guarantee you we will do our best the day of the event.

We do provide you with all heat sheets, paperwork, etc. regardless of the type of event.
Pre Meet, we will get you all you need.  We will email you heat sheets if seeded or any other pertinent information required.
Information for cost, services can be found under the links below.
Let the TIMING begin!! 
Cross Country Services
Road Race Services
Track and Field Meet Services