Day Clinic with Mini Meet

If you are looking for a fund-raising idea that involves not selling a product, we hope you will consider a day clinic and a mini-meet. It is a great opportunity to promote the sports of running and track and field.

Why a day clinic? We are both former coaches and know the difficulty of raising money. We have run day meets with our teams before and cleared enough funding to get us through. We cleared more on the day meets than we did in selling cookie dough, coupons, mugs, etc.!

We do understand the detail that goes in to such an endeavor.



 Level of all participants you think would be interested.   If you are a high school and school is in session for the school year, FHSAA has guidelines on these type of activities.
Involve your local elementary and middle schools!!  
Contact any organization that is involved with children, i.e. Girls and Boys Clubs, 4H clubs, churches, etc.

Cost for participants:

Your choice!!! We recommend between 30-40 dollars for the day. Discounts are suggested for multiple family members. You just tell us what you want and we do the forms for you.


We can place your event on if that is allowed.
We also will give you a template to update all registrations.
They can register the day of the event


$9.00-9.75 per participant
If it is canceled after arranged = 100 dollars
Cost of printed tshirts-  if you choose to use a tshirt, add five to seven dollars to the cost.  It will depend on number of shirts ordered, colors you want, etc..

If it is rained out = re schedule if can.

If it is rained out and cannot be re-scheduled= 1. We are contacted early enough, no cost to you. 2. If we have arrived, cost will be 50 cents a mile for our basic travel cost.


1. The facility and all liability associated with facility use, etc.

2. The events you wish us to cover during the clinic and the events you wish us to cover during the afternoon meet. The track equipment you wish to use.

3. Workers to help with stations during clinic and to run the meet (approximately 10 workers).

4. Table, electrical source, secure area for computer and other equipment, tent, two chairs, announcement system: megaphone or wireless PA preferred.



1. All registration work—or whatever your county allows; we work around your restrictions.

2. Goody bags

3. Free T shirt to you.

4. Clinic organization and schedule.

5. Basic instruction on running and other events.

6. Paperwork for meet; bibs for participants in meet; result cards for meet.

7. ALL BASIC information needed for the meet.

8. Organizing the entire meet.

9. Results cards for participants.

10. Wrap up of day.


Our cost does not alter

If you charge 30 dollars for the day, you clear all above our cost regardless of number of participants.
We hope we get the chance to serve you.
Also, the cost we charge covers our pre-event organization time, travel expenses and time at the event. In addition to any workers that come with us.
For more information, you can reach us at  Contact Us