All Comers' Track and Field Meet


 Your participants enjoy a track and field meet.  You select the events or you can use our order and events.  You set the age groups; PRE-K on up!!
COST: 3.75-4.25 per participant for first 100; after first 100, cost goes down .25-.50 cents per participant for over 100  We will not invoice you until the day of the event based on the number of bags we create and how many kids actually pay their registration.   If you choose to not have a goody bag, reduce by 1.50. You will then need to supply safety pins; we will still supply bibs.
Tshirt is additional if you choose to have one -5 to 7 dollars. We do supply if you want. Then, the cost goes to 8.75-9.25.  You are responsible for any extras ordered.
OTHER OPTIONS:  you can choose to go with a rally towel or silicone wrist band for your goody bags in lieu of tshirts.  Reduces cost to participants without lowering your profit!

What total cost includes/what we cover:

1.Goody bag with bib, safety pins, labels, event card, writing implement, ribbon for the first 100 who register, etc.

2.Registration forms to you and/or online-- whatever your school or organization allows.

3.Timing of events;

4.Posting of results of events;

5.Organizational chart if you choose to use it.

6.Create a basic event site for you- if allowed. (example

7.We supply a template for you to use for mail in or drop off registrations;

8.If you want, we set up online with for your event; if people register on, we can set it up that you get an email confirmation for each registered individual.  If they register on line, we take care of all of those.

9.Meet materials: heat sheets, clip boards, writing implements, tape measures.

10.Day of event, goody bags alphabetized and complete.  We also provide a check-in list for you.  Day of registrations we add to the computer then.

What would I need to do: select a date and secure a facility; supply events and age groups for the meet- preK up to 8th works great but you can include all ages!; supply final registration info- we supply template and you just have to type in; take care of day of registration day of event as required by your organization; provide 12 workers to include a clerk, announcer, starter, field event workers and some to help at finish line; have facility basically ready. 

General Information:

We would like to be on site and set up before registration and packet pick up starts.

Need registration list at deadline if we are doing t-shirts

If you run a concession stand, you will increase your profit.

Your workers can be your club members, team members, volunteers, etc. 

You will need to supply shot, disc, starting blocks, hurdles if you choose to do any of that.

For the throws, we supply softballs for softball throw or softball put and the frisbees for frisbee throw. 

If you charge 15 dollars, you clear at least 5 per participant if not more. Once again, once you get over 100 participants, our cost goes down at least .25-.50 cents per person.


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