You select a track and field camp and can include cross-country, also, as a combined camp.  Our cost is based on the camp being 3-5 days.
It is a camp; thus, we can provide organization and instruction in the following: jumps, throws, running drills, relays, hurdles, blocks, sprints, middle distance, long distance
We go over basic rules, etc.
There is the opportunity to do all events a participant chooses.
On the last day, we provide competitions in all events we have covered.
Participants may choose to focus on mainly running or field; we can adapt.
One recommendation is to offer the option of participants to select the days they wish and pay 20 dollars for each day instead of entire camp.
COST: 13.50-14.50 per participant for first 80; after first 80, cost goes down ..50 cents to $1.00  per participant for over 80.   We will not invoice you until the day of the event based on the number of bags we create and how many kids actually pay their registration.  
Tshirt is additional if you choose to have one -5 to 7 dollars. We do supply if you want. Then, the cost goes to up to 18.75-19.75  You are responsible for any extras ordered.

What total cost includes/what we cover:

1.Goody bag with bib, safety pins, labels, event card, writing implement, and ribbon for the first 30 who register.

2.Registration forms to you and/or online-- whatever your school or organization allows.

3. Instructions in all basic events and drills for each event. We provide instruction and then charts for additional workers to know drills.

4.Daily schedule prepared for you.

5.Attendance sheets provided for you.

6.Create a basic event site for you- if allowed. (example

7.We supply a template for you to use for mail in or drop off registrations.

8.If you want, we set up online with for your event; if people register on, we can set it up that you get an email confirmation for each registered individual. If they register on line, we take care of all of those.

9.For all competitions, we supply the following:heat sheets, clip boards, writing implements, tape measures.  We will produce a computer report for events.

10.First  of event, we will give you your goody bags alphabetized and complete. You can decide when to hand them out.  We also provide a check-in list for you for registration. Day of registrations we add to the computer then.
Also, the cost covers our pre-event organization time, travel expenses and time at the event. In addition to any workers that come with us.

What would you need to do     

  • select a date and secure a facility-include (your gym area if a school)  an inside location in case of inclement weather; three months in advance would be considered ample time
  • supply events you wish contested in competitions; we can take care of that if you prefer
  • supply final registration info- we supply template and you just have to type in
  • take care of day of registration day of event as required by your organization
  • provide 12 workers to assist with supervision and watch drills, etc..
  • for actual competitions, your workers will need to help with those.
  • it is a good idea to have a wireless microphone or a megaphone for large communication
  • if you wish to have hurdles, blocks, high jump, shot or disc, you will need to provide that 

General Information:

On the first day, we would like to be on site an hour before to set up; the other days, we would like to be there at least 3o minutes prior.

We need a registration list at deadline if we are doing t-shirts

If you run a concession stand, you will increase your profit.

Your workers can be your club members, team members, volunteers, etc.

Reminder: you will need to supply shot, disc, starting blocks, hurdles if you choose to do any of that.

For the throws, we supply softballs for softball throw or softball put and the frisbees for frisbee throw.

Regardless of what you charge for a camp, our rate stays the same.  For example if you charge 60 dollars for a 4-day camp, you clear everything over our rate and tshirt (if you choose to have one; we do recommend that)
For more information, you can reach us at Contact Us

Let us do the work for you on a great camp!