Marion County Elementary Schools Championships

2014 Marion County Elementary Schools Track and Field Championships
March 13, 2014
Forest High School Track Stadium

Time Schedule:
Coaches' Meeting    9:45
Field Events             10:10-11:45 (results posted by noon)
Running Events       10:00

Participating Schools as of January 23:
East Marion8th Street, Emerald Shores, Fort McCoy, Meadowbrook, Oak Crest, Shady Hill, South Ocala, Reddick-Collier, Ward Highland

Meet Director: Patrick Douma, Fort McCoy School

Each athlete can enter three events maximum
Each school can enter two athletes per individual event and one relay
(Exception in 1600 meters= may enter 4 athletes)

OPEN RACES - 12 years of age and under

Event Workers

Starter (1): Clifford

Clerk (1) Mark Mader

Long Jump (3): Ward Highlands, Fort McCoy, Oak Crest

Triple Jump (3): Eighth Street, Shady Hill,  another volunteer

Shot (3): Reddick, Emerald Shores, East Marion,

Discus (3): Meadow Brook, South Ocala,

Meet manager: Announcements: Patrick Douma

First Aid: will get a volunteer by event day

Events and Order:

1. Order...girls heat/heats...then boys,-- Running Events

A. 1600m  

B. 800m  

C. 400m 

D. 200m 

E. 100m 

F. 4*100… 4th grade and under Girls , 4*100 4th grade and under boys 

G. 4*100 girls open, 4*100 Boys open 

H. 4*400 girls, 4*400 boys 

2.  Field Events  will begin at 10:10 and will run concurrently with the running events.  The field events are: Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus.


Entries:  Will be done via a template emailed by February 22; please do not change format of template.  They will be emailed completed to :

Entry deadline:  Friday, March 7, noon

10  8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1  

1st through 6th