Marion Count Middle School Championships 2016

May 7, 2016
West Port High School
8:30 a.m.
Welcome to your home page for you, your athletes, parents and fans for your 2016 Marion County Track and Field Championships!!!!  CHECK THIS PAGE FOR UPDATES.  They will be posted here as become available.

8:50 girls mile
9:05 boys mile

9:20 girls 800
9:30 boys 800

After 800 and no later than 10:00 a.m Rolling Start for remainder of running events. It will depend on number of field events done, etc. These are just time frames.

If you have a miler or 800 runner who is also doing a field event, have that athlete go to the field event at the beginning of meet -- 8:30 and do their three long jumps or three throws for shot put and then report for the mile or 800.  If they are in the high jump, they stay at high jump and just come to check in for their distance run. Then, they immediately go back to the high jump but they must keep an eye on track. When their event (1600 or 800 is on the track, they must be there)

Coaches please provide a coach for the following events…

Belleview Middle School/ Dunnellon Middle School – Girls High Jump

Fort King Middle School/ Fort McCoy Middle School – Boys High Jump

Horizon Middle School/ Howard Middle School- Girls Long Jump

Lake Weir Middle School/ Liberty Middle School – Boys Long Jump

North Marion Middle School/ Osceola Middle School – Boys and girls Shot

Date:   May 7, 2016
Where:   West Port High School
Coaches' Meeting:   8:00
Meet Begins:   8:30 with field events
Time schedule for running above
Meet Directors:   Mr. Phillips, Reggie Rocker
Entry Fee for spectators/parents: $2.00 for adults, $1.00 for students

Concession stand available

Order of events:
Shot put, long jump, high jump
1600 Meters-3 per event
800 Meters- 4 per event
400 Meters
200 Meters
100 Meters
4 x 400 Relay
4 x 200 Relay
4 x 100 Relay
On the running, it will be girls followed by boys.

Process for scoring:
Coaches will enter their athletes on a form they will email to no later than April 29, noon.  The day of the meet, coaches can switch out names for any position at the main computer.

Emailed via a template through Mr. Phillips to Athletics' Scoring Providers
Two athletes per event for most; see above for those that are different; one relay per school
Confirm with Mr. Phillips and Mr. Rocker the number of events and the category of events each athlete can do.

Will be an excel file.  You will receive the preliminary form no later than April 15.  
You will type in school name once.  Instructions will be given when template is sent.  


Attached at the bottom of this page is the excel file for this event, also.

Events will be seeded.
Heat Sheets  will be posted on this page before meet.  Scheduled to be posted no later than 7 p.m., Saturday, April 30.

Deadline for entries:  Friday, April 29, noon.; emailed to and Cc to Mr. Phillips and Mr. Rocker

Field Event Flights:
There will be two flights for shot put and long jump.
Each school will have one participant per flight.
High jump will be one continous flight.
Participating Teams:

Belleview Middle School

Dunnellon Middle School

Fort King Middle School

Fort McCoy Middle School

Horizon Middle School

Howard Middle School

Lake Weir Middle School

Liberty Middle School

North Marion Middle School

Osceola Middle School

10  8  6  5  4  3  2  1

This site will be updated as we are notified. Let your parents and fans know.  Once athletes are all entered, we will post here rosters, etc.

Thanks... See you on the 9th...