Track and Field Meet Services

We can cover all aspects:
Video/time and you score with your own scorers.
Video, time, score
Score with your results
Only a  finish line camera to verify places
Our General COST to you:
It is based on travel distance, number of teams, number of heats, and registration options. Contact us for final quote. We  need to know the number of teams, seeded or not seeded, limits on entrants, and your registration option.
SPECIAL NOTE: we will gladly cover small meets, also, for just time for that day, supplies and travel cost. Pre-event set up time, etc. will be donated.
We can provide you with a template to email to your teams and take care of that for you. You         will just need to provide the email addresses. This is NO cost to you.
You set up your event on or another online service and we can download your         entries.
We can set up your event for you on; the cost will be invoiced to you in the final         invoice.
Bibs and safety pins for all participants in a non-seeded meet.
All heat/flight sheets ready for use on seeded meets. 
Detailed explanation on site what we would need from your volunteers to ensure accuracy.
Timing and scoring with RACETAB.  FAT system is EagleEYE
Final results
You would need to PROVIDE:
A secure area for all equipment with a power source, table and tent. (We can provide table and         tent but you would need to notify us)
A clerk of course to provide us on non-seeded meets with the bib numbers for each heat.
A finish line judge to make calls on finish line, confirm DQ's, confirm empty lanes, etc and to
        assist finish line clerk with order at finish line as back up and distance runs, etc.
The finish line clerk to confirm finishers in distance runs.
Finish line clerk to back up finish order for all races. In distance runs write down their
        bib numbers in order of finish; we will provide the form.
Volunteers to work as back up timers in case of equipment failure. (3 or 4)
Someone to validate all field event sheets before and after entering computer.
The meet director to confirm results before being made 'official'.
We would like access to site one hour before coaches' meeting to set up, etc.
We would love the opportunity to work with you. Contact us for more information.