Marion County Elementary Championships

2015 Marion County Elementary Schools Track and Field Championships
March 19, 2015
Forest High School Track Stadium

Time Schedule:
Coaches' Meeting    9:30
Field Events             9:45
Running Events       9:45 beginning with 1600
Awards                     Ribbons 1-6 places

Participating Schools as of March 13:
Fort McCoy
East Marion
8th Street
Marion Oaks
Shady Hill
South Ocala
Ward Highlands

Meet Director: Patrick Douma, Fort McCoy School

Each athlete can enter four events maximum
Each school can enter two athletes per individual event and one relay
(Exception in 1600 meters= may enter 3 athletes)

OPEN RACES - 12 years of age and under

Event Workers

Starter (1): Clifford

Clerk (1) Mark Mader

Long Jump/Triple Jump (3): Shady Hill/8th Street/Ward Highlands/Fort McCoy

Shot (3): Marion Oaks and South Ocala

Discus (3):Oak Crest, Fessenden, East Marion

Meet manager/Announcements: Patrick  Douma

First Aid: will get a volunteer by event day

Each school provides one coach and second coach or handy parent volunteer to run the event. More details coming later.

Events and Order:

1. Order...girls heat/heats...then boys,-- Running Events

The order of events is below (girls heat/heats...then boys)make sure your kids or parents understand this so they don’t miss their event.

1600m Girls ( one heat)  

1600m boys ( one heat)

800m girls ( one heat)  

800m boys ( one heat)

400 girls 2-3 heats

400 boys 2-3 heats

200 girls 2-3 heats

200 boys 2-3 heats

100 girls 2-3 heats

100 boys 2-3 heats

4*400 girls , 1 heat

4*400 boys 1 heat

4*100 girls 1 heat

4*100 boys 1 heat

And N. …….4*100m 4th grade girls then boys…..

(this is an unscored event…. I don’t know if we will be able to fit this in …. Therefore you may want to consider that before creating a team, for example I am not creating a team, but the event is listed on the schedule and we will run it if time is available).

2.  Field Events  will begin at 10:10 and will run concurrently with the running events.  The field events are: Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus.


Entries:  Will be done via a template and emailed by noon, March 1 and sent to the email address below

All participants will receive a bib number which must be worn at the event.  The faster runner for each school should be told to go into the second heat.  Participants will be placed in heats at the event.  

Entry deadline:  Friday, March 13, noon

10  8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1  

1st through 6th

Parking at Forest High School must adhere to school rules.