Fund Raising Options

Is your budget stretched?



Would you like a way to fund raise that involves FUN!!?? 
We have some great ideas that not only
can raise the money but participants are involved and can enjoy themselves!! 

Families can be involved, also.  You do NOT have to sell any item!

We can provide for you: 
All-Comers' Track and Field Meets
Track and Field Camps/Cross Country
Day Clinics with a  Mini Meet
On Site Events (match your facility)
Our OVERVIEW is presented below.  Beneath the overview, is a link for each event!

We would love the chance to provide you with assistance  on a great fund raising experience


We organize the event for you.
We are paid through your organization.
Our charge for most events is per participant.  Charge is based on supplies, equipment usage, time, cost of miscellaneous items, etc. 

We are independent contractors.  We can be sub contracted out via a LLC or corporation.
You tell us what you want and we adjust to you.
We supply registration information for you. We can help you set up your flyers and registration forms; we supply the template for you to collect data.

We can set up an event site for your event if your school, etc will allow.
We can set up for online registration for you on if allowed by your organization or school district, etc..
If it is a 'timing/scoring event', we supply the timing/scoring and posting of all events. 
We supply the goody bags if you choose to use one. 
If you choose to use a T-shirt for your event, we can take care of that for you.
Include all level of  students/community individual  you think would be interested. 
Definitely involve local elementary and middle schools!!
Contact any organization that is involved with children, i.e. Girls and Boys Clubs, 4H clubs, churches, etc.  Also, any organization that is actively involved in community events-- including senior citizens groups.
The bottom line?  It is your event; we simply do as you wish.  We update information as you deem necessary.  We gladly offer suggestions if you want them, but we WORK for you!!
  With communities doing all the standard fund-raisers, this is a wonderful option. It is different; your responsibilities are few and mainly the day of the event- per your organization rules. The key is to get it on a calendar early and advertise to many and OFTEN!
Money IS required for all programs. 
 This can be the answer to your needs!!


Fund Raising Options
A track and field meet!! for all ages!  Include PRE K and have fun!!
Multiple day event.  Cover all the basics of track and field and/oror cross country, etc.
A full day of events!  In the morning session, review activites; in the afternoon session, there is a mini meet.  ALL ages can be included.  If during school year and a school event, FHSAA has guidelines.
YOU SELECT a variety of events and we go from there!!
If we see your site, we can set up almost any track and field activity.
 GREAT for elementary schools, day cares, Churches, boys and girls clubs, etc  needing to earn money!
Also, we can organize community camps, etc.
We can organize all sports camps!