Road Race Services

We can cover road races up to approximately 700 runners. 
We can cover a 3K, 5K and 10K.
Our General COST to you:
It is based on travel distance and number of participants. We do NOT charge a 'set fee'.   
Our general cost starts at approximately 300 for the event and we pro rate down or go up depending on, as stated, distance and actual number of participants.  Please feel free to contact us if you need more information on pricing.
If it is a small race and you do not wish to use online, we can provide you with a template to supply the data
    needed for registration.  NO cost to you. 
We can set up your event on for you.  NO cost to you.
You set up your event on any online service and then simply send us the excel file when registration closes.
If you use bibs:
Bibs and safety pins for all participants.  We can provide them early for your packets.

If you choose chips, we will still provide bibs.  We do not use in general disposable chips. If you wish to pay an additional dollar per athlete, we can use disposable chips.
ALL paperwork, clip boards needed to score meet.
Detailed explanation on site what we would need from your volunteers to ensure accuracy.
RACE DAY registration assistance.
Timing and scoring with Agee Timing software.  We will send you results to post on your website, etc.

Final results
If you request, we can set you up a webpage on our website.
You would need to PROVIDE:
Pre Event: age groupings for results, any data needed for results, registrants access
A secure area for all equipment with a power source, table and tent. (We can provide table and tent but you would need to notify us)
Finish line clerk.
Volunteers to collect bibs and record the score sheets.
Someone to validate all entries prior to entering computer.
The meet director to confirm results before being made 'official'.
Marking the course=  we can help and assist in this, also, but that is an additional fee.  You would need to provide the materials to mark course if needed.
setting the course= depending on type of course, cost is from 50-100 dollars.
We CAN help with following if we are notified in advance:
set up chutes
set up tents, etc.
ideas for doing your packets, etc.
 We would like access to site one hour before day of registration to set up, etc.

We would love the opportunity to work with you. Contact us for more information.