How to Start a Quiz

Some faculty require students to complete tests or exams using the Moodle Quiz feature. The page explains the steps for accessing and completing this type of course activity.

Note: To ensure academic integrity, Moodle Quiz may also be set to require the use of special application called Respondses LockDown Browser. To learn more about the process of taking a Quiz using LockDown browser, visit the Using Respondus LockDown Browser page

Step 1: Login to Moodle using your MyNaz username and password.

Step 2: Click on the course name on your Dashboard to open and view the course.

Step 3: Click on the title of the quiz that you are taking.

Step 4: Click Attempt Quiz Now.

Note: Below are optional features your instructor may decide to include in a quiz.

A. Allowed number of attempts

B. Quiz may close after a certain date

C. Time Limit

Quiz Navigation & Features

A. This section shows the number of questions in the quiz. If you have answered a question, the bottom half of the box will become dark gray. If you have flagged a question, the upper right corner will become red

B. Once you have finished answering the questions in the quiz, select Finish Attempt to bring you to the summary page before submitting your answers

C. If your instructor has enabled a timer for the quiz, this section will show the time you have left to finish

D. To flag or remove a flag on a question, click this area next to the question

Note: Your instructor may choose to include different types of question formats. The two below are True/False and Multiple Choice, but there are many different formats that have not been included in this guide that your instructor may choose to use.

E. Select Return to attempt if you still need to answer questions or look over your answers

F. Select Submit all and finish if you are complete with the quiz and wish to submit the quiz for grading. A pop-up will appear to confirm you are submitting the quiz for grading. Select submit all and finish again.

Need additional help?

Click on the image below to access an instructional video. You will be asked to login using your MyNaz username and password before you can access a video about quizzes.