Moodle Quiz

Using Respondus LockDown for a Moodle Quiz

Respondus LockDown Browser is an academic integrity tool that your instructor may require you to use in order to complete a Moodle quiz or exam. This browser creates an added level of security by limiting your ability to print, access the internet and use other programs until the quiz is submitted.

Note: The use of Respondus LockDown Browser requires students to download this application to their personal computer or have access to a campus computer lab. If you have security concerns about using this application, you can find more information about Respondus in the Privacy Statement.

Step 1: Open a standard web browser (Chrome or Firefox) and login to Moodle.

Note: Students no longer begin this process by starting LockDown Browser separately; the secure browser will open automatically later in the testing process.

Step 2: Navigate to the appropriate course and click on the title of the Quiz activity.

Step 3: Click Launch LockDown Browser.

Note: If LockDown Browser is not installed on your personal device, click the Download LockDown Browser.

Step 4: A pop-up will appear, click Open Link to launch the LockDown Browser.

Note: The appearance of the pop-up will vary depending on your web browser and operating system.

Step 5: Respondus Lockdown Browser will then open on your device. If conflicting applications are running on your computer, you may be asked to close programs before proceeding. Click Yes to automatically close these programs.

Step 6: Once LockDown browser has opened, click Start Quiz to begin your assessment.

Step 7: Complete the quiz as instructed. Make sure you click Submit all and finish on the review screen to finalize your responses.

Step 8: Once you are finished with the review screen, you will be brought back to main quiz activity screen. Click Exit Browser or close the LockDown Browser window to exit the program.