Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is a commitment and strategy in NYC Community Schools to use data to collaborate, strategize, track student progress, and address issues that otherwise go unnoticed.

Three beliefs drive Continuous Improvement in NYC Community Schools:

1. Data guides decisions about student needs and the equitable allocation of resources.

2. People and partnerships closest to issue have the solutions.

3. Facilitation and a focus on results move groups from talk to action.

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Training Materials

Continuous Improvement Guide

A Guide for Principals and Community School Directors

Belief #1: Real Time Data Trends Guide Decisions

Data is the heart of strategic decision-making regarding student and community needs. Data analysis sheds light on key issues, patterns, and trends.

Getting Started

Belief #2: People Closest to the Issue Have the Solution

In NYC Community Schools, people and partners (such as school-based administrators and community partners) meet regularly to analyze data and collaborate to address the needs of students, families, the school, and community.

Working together in our schools and communities

Collaborative Planning Meetings

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Community School Forum

Belief #3: Facilitation and a Focus on Results Move Groups from Talk to Action

While ineffective meetings can become occasions for cross talk or wasted time, NYC Community Schools use structured results-based techniques and facilitation skills to move groups from talk to action.

Explore tools for effective meetings, creating 3R agendas, and cycles for continuous improvement

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