Core Capacities

Below is a brief overview of each of the core capacities of a Community School. See also the Stages of Development rubric.




Shared leadership supports families as drivers of school engagement and learning so that...

  • Authentic school governance connects families through forums and events, and offers targeted adult education

  • Family leader expertise is valued and developed through a "ladder of engagement"

  • Teachers, CBOs, and families collaborate to support student learning


Delivers the right services to the right student at the right time through...

  • New community partners to provide integrated services

  • Extended Learning Time, which ensures coherence in curriculum and instruction across the school day


Nurtures students' connection to the school and the community through integrated supports that...

  • Develop students' academic and personal behavior

  • Create supportive environments

  • Improve relationships (students:adults and among students)

  • Give students a sense of ownership/leadership in the school

Continuous Improvement

Captures a portrait of the whole child using...

  • Data inquiry to drive instruction, services, programs, and policies

  • Services which are monitored for ongoing impact

  • School / CBO partnerships that align interventions with data

  • Case management which occurs across disciplines and teams