OCS Assets and Needs Assessment

Community Schools help students find their passion by integrating academics, health, youth development, and family engagement into the school day and beyond. Each Community School is different and reflects the strengths and needs of its students, families, and local community.

The OCS Assets and Needs (A&N) Assessment Tool: What is it?

The A&N Assessment Tool was developed by the Office of Community Schools with the field for the field and can be used by any NYC school to:

  • Shine a light on the assets and critical gaps in school communities
  • Identify SMART goals for the school's Community School plan and Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP)

The A&N Assessment: For Any School Considering to Become a Community School

The A&N Assessment: For Any Existing Community School to Use for Collaborative Planning and Continuous Improvement

What's in the A&N Assessment? Four Phases

Getting Started: What to Do Next

  1. Convene as a group to complete the A&N in hard copy and answer questions in the A&N Assessment tool based on group consensus.
  2. Identify an “owner” to enter all responses from the hard copy version of the A&N into the online A&N tool and press submit. The online version looks exactly the same as the hard copy, and is available here in beta version: http://bit.ly/AN_Online
  3. Receive an email from Qualtrics, which will include the school’s A&N Site Report.

Technical Assistance

The New York State Technical Assistance Center (TAC) at Fordham University will provide ongoing support to schools, including those that are interested in completing the A&N Assessment Tool and process.

For assistance contact the Fordham University TAC help desk at: