Extended School Day/ School Violence Prevention Grant


The Department of Education through the Office of Community Schools was awarded the New York State Extended School Day/School Violence Prevention grant. This state-funded program supports collaborative projects that address the problem of school violence through extended school day programs and/or other school violence prevention strategies/resources.


Fundamental Expectations of the NYSED

    • Extended School Day:
      • Services can be delivered before or after school, during the weekends, and or in the summer. (extended learning hours)
      • Must serve target number of students at least 15 hours.
      • The program goals should serve to increase student achievement, provide extracurricular enrichment activities, and contribute to school violence prevention.
      • Should serve the target population at least 6 hours per week.
    • School Violence Prevention:
      • Services must be delivered during the school day including lunch periods.
      • Enrollment requirement is met even if the student only receives the services once.

Programs are required to adhere to their approved program design which meets these NYSED requirements but may also exceed them.

Collaborative Planning: This is a crucial element in the implementation of ESD/SVP programming.

    • Collaborative planning is a process through which school leaders and CBO partners work together on a recurring basis to align servies and blend funding to achieve a common set of outcomes
    • For ESDSVP funded Community Schools, OCS Program and/or Partnership Managers are ultimately responsible for ensuring the program is in alignment with the grant. Collaborative budget planning and program design must include, and be approved by, the OCS Program and/or Partnership Manager

Additional Information

  • Youth Services:
    • Youth Services is an online attendance and enrollment tracking system that all ESD/SVP programs are required to use.
    • If you were not able to participate in the webinar they were recorded and is now available. If you missed the Webinar on YouthServices.net the "how to training" can be found on the homepage here. Please note that all providers should begin entering participants, activity schedules, and attendance from the start of the program period. If you are having any issues logging in or with the site in general, please contact the help desk at 1-866-469-6884
The list above is by no means exhaustive, and CBOs are strongly encouraged to contact their OCS Program and/or Partnership Manager to discuss proposed expenditures to assess if they are allowable, prior to incurring the expense.
Further guidance from NYSED on the appropriate use of funds is linked here for reference: http://www.nysed.gov/budget-coordination/extended-school-dayschool-violence-prevention-program-esdsvp


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