What is Insight?

Insight is a DOE web-based tool that allows users to access timely and actionable data, in order to help them better

understand their practices and their students, and empower them to easily recognize trends and investigate issues to

create conditions that raise achievement for every student while addressing disproportionalities.

Who has Access?

School Staff has access to the school they are assigned to in Galaxy based on their role. The following roles have access to Insight:


Assistant Principal

Principal's Secretary

Guidance Counselor

Data Specialist

Parent Coordinator: This role does not have access to Insight Suspension feature nor the suspension section in the Insight School Climate Report feature.

Teachers do not currently have access to Insight unless they also hold one of the above roles.

School staff do not have access to Insight Multi-school Dashboard feature.

Field staff have access to the schools they are assigned to in Galaxy, allowing you to use Insight as a shared platform for planning and reflection:

Superintendent team staff

Borough/Citywide Office support staff

Using Insight

In Insight, School administrators will be able to see three charts in one place displaying student-level data on:

The school's daily interaction rates during the remote learning period.

Student interaction rates for the past five school days.

Consecutive days of non-interaction.

Monitor interactions by subgroup (Gender, race, MLL, SWD, STH)

How do I use Insight?

The Insight application has three sections: DASHBOARD, PLAN and REFLECT.

The DASHBOARD section contains two dashboards to help you explore school-level metrics for your school or the group of schools that you support.

The PLAN section contains features to help you view current data, see how students are progressing, and connect various pieces of information to create a fuller picture of students’ needs.

The REFLECT section takes a deeper dive into Regents exams, advanced course data, attendance, and suspensions.

You may use these features to evaluate trends, compare performance on tests between subgroups, and make informed decisions on the kinds of supports you may provide to different subgroups. These features have been designed in response to the needs identified by school and field staff.

How do I Gain Access to Insight?

If you are a CSD and have any questions about gaining access to Insight for staff or CBOs, please refer to:


If you are looking for information about how to get DOE emails for partners, please refer to:

DOE Accounts for Community Partners