Starting Strong: Starting a Success Mentor Program at Your School

Date: Thursday (12/12)

Time: 12:00-12:50

Description: Many schools are embarking on the journey of starting their own Success Mentor program, and this is a space to share practices and concerns. Keri Cerio, a Senior Program Manager with the Office of Community Schools, will join the conversation and share best practices she learned from helping Community Schools start their own Success Mentor programs. She will also be available to troubleshoot on starting Success Mentor programs.

Staying Strong: Engaging with Mentees in Conversation

Date: Friday (12/13)

Time: 12:00-12:50

Description: We all have mentors in our lives who encourage and support us. How do we as mentors engage with our mentees effectively? This discussion is a chance for Success Mentors to share out their practices, learn from others, and explore new methods.

Mentor NY: Starting a Success Mentor Program that Engages the Whole School

Details are forthcoming

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Insight Webinars

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