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Community Schools in Practice: An Overview

Mayor de Blasio taps new advisory board to help develop NYC's next wave of schools

Each Community School is partnered with a lead CBO partner. CBOs provides a range of supports and services for students, including those that are integrated into the school day, and those that are designed for before or after school.

CBOs place a full-time Community School Director (CSD) onsite.

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Theory of Change

Learn more about our Theory of Change, which outlines the four key capacities of a community school.

Stages of Development

Explore the stages of development

schools go through as they become fully functioning community schools

Initial Steps

Learn more about the initial steps schools take as they start their

journey toward becoming a community school.

Common Values for Community Schools in New York City

While all NYC Community Schools are different and reflect the strengths and needs of their local communities, they are anchored in a set of common values that serve as a foundation:

    • Rigorous instruction designed to provide personalized learning opportunities for students.

    • Robust parent engagement, anchored in positive youth development, ensuring that schools are welcoming and empowering to students, families and community members.

    • Continuous improvement using school and student data to tailor programming and instruction focused on results.