Students in Temporary Housing Team

This page provides guides and resources for field staff on the Students in Temporary Housing Team

For partnerships and resources to support your students directly, click here to refer to the STH Partnerships page.

Covid-19 Updates

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OCS Covid-19 Resources: OCS Webpage on Covid-19 resources including staff and community supports

Past Trainings

July 8-August 19 STH Summer Learning Series

Visit our Summer Resources & Learning page for more information on how to RSVP and the sessions offered!

June 8-12 #STHAchieve Learning Week

Visit our #STHAchieve Learning Week webpage for more information on the sessions offered!

Support Students in Shelter when Reopening

How to Support Students in Shelters when Reopening.pdf

Check out our Policy document for schools on key guidance for supporting STH and other populations return to school.


This guidance is shared by the Office of Community School’s Students in Temporary Housing Team for how school and shelter-based staff can contribute to the success and well-being of students and families living in temporary housing during the School Year 2020-2021

Bridging the Gap Social Workers

BTG SW - Work Guide SY21

BTG FAQ Document

FAQ for Bridging the Gap Social Workers

Community Coordinators

Community Coordinator - Work Guide SY21


FAQ for STH Community Coordinators

Family Assistants

Family Assistants- Work Guide SY21

FA Return to Work Guidance

Return to Work Guidance for STH Family Assistants - Sept 2020


Back-to-School Webinar for STH Staff

Back-to-School Webinar for STH Staff_Recording.mp4

Back-to-School Webinar PPT

Back-to-School Webinar for STH Staff_9.17.2020.pptx.pdf