Community Schools Research

Evidence of Effectiveness: The Research

The New York City Community Schools Model is based on a strong and diverse evidence base, and ongoing research continues to inform, evaluate, and improve the process.

There is a strong and diverse evidence base for the NYC Community School model. A NYC Department of Education

(DOE) review of over 20 national studies found that Community Schools have positive impacts on academic achievement,

graduation rates, post-secondary outcomes, attendance and attitudes towards school. Additionally, research

has shown the following results:

  • Community Schools see greater parent involvement and reduced student absenteeism, and consistent school attendance is strongly tied to academic improvement at all grade levels.
  • Increasing parent engagement is proven to increase academic outcomes for students.
  • Increased instructional time—measured as the time students are engaged in learning—along with tutoring and high expectations, are strong predictors of higher achievement.
  • Higher teacher attendance and job satisfaction have been observed in Community Schools.
  • Community Schools are an efficient strategy, demonstrating a strong return on public investment.

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December 2017 - LPI & NEPC


Other Publications

September 2018:

Attendance Works: Data Matters Using Chronic Absence to Accelerate Action for Student Success, by Hedy N. Chang, Lauren Bauer and Vaughan Byrnes