Community Schools Collaborative Planning: Key Concepts

Aligned to the NYC Community Schools Core Features of Collaborative Leadership and Practice and the OCS approach to Continuous Improvement

Results: School and CBO resources – both financial and human capital – are equitably allocated to ensure equitable outcomes for students. Robust programming, classes, activities, and supports are strategically delivered to increase opportunities for students and drive toward the school’s Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) goals. To learn more about or view your school's CEP, please visit the NYCDOE iPlan portal.

•CBO, Principal and school partners review all Community School data, programming, and funding and make data-driven decisions to ensure alignment of resources to meet student needs.

•Meetings are convened and facilitated by CSD or CBO staff.

•Attendees must include the OCS Program Manager and School Mental Health Manager. DSRs are strongly encouraged to join.

Role of OCS Program Manager: Support CSDs/CBO in preparing for, effectively facilitating, and conducting all follow-up related to Collaborative Planning meetings.

Cycle of Collaborative Planning Meetings

An overview of Collaborative Planning can be found on page 5-7 in the FY19 Fiscal and Operations Manual.

Sample Collaborative planning agendas can be found in the FY19 Collaborative Planning Agenda Folder.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your OCS Program Manager.