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  • OCS is hiring for the following positions. Please share the job descriptions amongst your networks.
    • Program Manager, Capacity Building Team. The Program Manager will support the Senior Program Manager to fulfill New York City 21st CCLC Resource Center grant requirements, monitor program mandates, and provide professional development and capacity-building to schools supported by the Office of Community Schools.
    • Program Manager. The Program Manager will drive policy decision-making around fiscal management and program design to provide support to a cohort of Community Schools with a high level of customer service.
    • Student in Temporary Housing (STH) Regional Manager. The STH Regional Manager will be an integral part of a borough-based team that coordinates and monitors services provided in shelters and schools, and will ensure consistent adherence to Department of Education (DOE) polices and federal law/regulations regarding Students in Temporary Housing. This includes policy decisions to ensure program compliance with the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act and Chancellor’s Regulation A-780.
    • Partnership Associate to support ESD/SVP programs in Staten Island. The Partnership Associate will oversee the collaborative planning process and work with service providers and school leadership at ESD/SVP schools to ensure quality programming.
    • Students in Temporary Housing (STH) Coordinator. The STH Coordinator acts as the STH school-based liaison, identifying and facilitating supports to housing-unstable students alongside team members inside the school, such as social work and guidance staff, attendance team members, health and mental health providers, teachers, school safety officers, and other personnel.

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