Connecting to Public Benefits

Connecting families to public benefits involves three steps:

Step 1: Finding Service Providers

Services can be found to address many issues- food, shelther, job placement, cash assistance, health care, etc.

For emergencies, connect with DSS/HRA through one of the sites found on the map below or online with ACCESS HRA.

For all non-emergency public benefits, organizations Single Stop partner with nonprofits around NYC to help families apply for free public benefits. Services vary by site.

You can find a full list of available services and Single Stop locations on the map below.

Step 2: Referring Families

Tips for referring families for public benefits:

1. Consistent messaging from school staff.

2. Know where you're sending them.

3. Find conversation starters and other tools for interacting with families at Children's Health Fund's Healthy and Ready to Learn Training and Resource Center.

Coming soon: Public Policy Lab is collaborating with Community Schools on phase 2 of a pilot to better understand communicating with parents. We're excited to share what we learn in the coming months.

Step 3: Building a Network of Partners

The Office of Community Schools's Asset and Needs Assessment is designed to help you better understand the network that already exists in your community.

Click here to find additional asset maps and tools to help you find services in your community.

To find the closest sites near your school for referring families to benefits, look under

Single Stop (Green Icon)

DSS/HRA Sites (Yellow Icon)

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