The DOE, in partnership with the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD), will provide up to 20,000 paid summer internship and employment placements for youths who are 14–21 years-old, for six weeks during July and August of 2020 via the Career READY Summer Youth Employment Program.


About the Program

The Career READY Student Youth Employment program was created to provide enhanced opportunities for youth to explore career options and develop work readiness skills. Though this model features some universal elements, it is uniquely shaped and customized by each school/SYEP provider partnership. Participating schools work with an SYEP Provider to develop programs that reinforce academic learning, support students’ personal growth and help prepare them for success in employment and careers through both school-year workshops and a summer experience!

Core Elements

Career Exploration

Work Preparation

Summer Experience

Student Benefits

  • Resume Preparation and Interview Practice

  • Exposure to Career Opportunities within Priority Sectors of the NYC Economy

  • Financial Empowerment

  • College Advisement

  • Stipend or Paid Wage Compensation

  • Guaranteed Summer Placement upon Acceptance into Program

Program Administrator Responsibilities

  • Create a Team for Program Planning and Execution.

  • Select a CBO for Partnership.

  • Lead Recruitment of Students for the Program.

  • Support the delivery of the work readiness curriculum.

  • Advise the development of summer activities.

  • Work with campus schools to partner on the program.

Timeline for Program Administrators

  • March: Outreach and Recruitment

  • April to June: Job and Project Development

  • March to April: Student Application Submissions, Selection, and Enrollment

  • March to May: Work-Readiness Training

  • May to June: Student Matching and Placement

  • July to August: Summer Experience

*Career READY-SYEP Schools are pre-selected based on their Economic Needs Index, school enrollment, and/or previous CR-SYEP involvement. If your school has not been notified of eligibility for the School-Based component of SYEP you may find that there are other ways for your students to participate in a summer enrichment opportunity. For example, more information for the general lottery based Summer Youth Employment Program can be found here Please visit our Summer in the City page for more available youth programs.