Have ownership in your child's education

If your child's school is a Community School, welcome aboard! You are part of a dynamic community of families, teachers, and school administration working together to improve academic achievement by meeting the needs of children and families.

How can I be involved in my Community School?

There are many opportunities to share your thoughts and opinions about what is working in your school. Every Community School holds an annual Community School Forum - an event that draws in members from the entire community to provide feedback and share their vision for the future direction of the school.

For more information about parent leadership in Community Schools, contact 718-935-3000 or familyoutreach@schools.nyc.gov. Also, talk to your Community School Director and ask how you can be involved.

For more information, view some of the presentations created by school/parent teams during a parent leadership program for Community Schools

Family Engagement Apps

For Community School Directors looking for great online tools to communicate with and engage your families, watch our webinar introducing three Family Engagement App Platforms: Kinvolved, SchoolCNXT, and Remind.

Family Resources

How to Help My Children Attend School Every Day

The initiative engages parents as important partners in the attendance solution.

Leveraging Parents

Attendance Works offers resources on ways parents can build a habit of good attendance.

Click to access, "Parent Handouts"

How to Teach My Child to Face Challenges

This webinar shows the importance of a growth mindset and how parents can encourage their child to face challenges in school.

Click to access "Growth Mindset"

Parent Teacher Home Visit Project

One to One Meetings

A way to get involved in your Community School is to participate in one to one meetings with your Parent Coordinator and your Parent Outreach Specialist. Through these meetings, Parents can weigh in on what their Community School looks like and how – together with the school – figure how they can help and get involved.

Count on Me Form: If you want to get involved, and participate as partner in your child’s education, fill out this form and give it to your Community School Director or Parent Coordinator

Contact your school's Community School Director with questions.

Community School Forums

Great news! Community Schools in New York City are hosting large-scale Community School Forums whereby families can get involved and participate in conversations about their Community School’s future.

The Forum Planning Toolkit has helpful tools and resources to help schools prepare for this community-centered meeting.