Phase Four: Apply SMART Goals to Your CEP

During Phase Four, the School Leadership Team will identify the strategies that will be put in place for the remainder of the school year and what strategies will be included in the CEP for next school year. Here are some proposed next steps:

  1. Share the strategies identified in Phase Three with the broader school community.

  2. Convert these strategies into SMART goals for inclusion in your CEP.

  3. If you need assistance in completing the A&N tool, contact the Fordham University Technical Assistance Center at or call (212) 636-6100.

What is a SMART Goal?

A SMART Goal is:

  • Specific: Who is the targeted group (i.e., subgroup, grade level)? What is the relevant subject or area?

  • Measurable: What instrument of measure will be used to assess results? How will achievement of the goal be quantified (percentage improvement, criterion-based benchmark)?

  • Achievable: Is the goal attainable, yet challenging? Have enough time, fiscal support, and personnel been allocated?

  • Relevant: Is the goal consistent with other goals and aligned to the long-range vision?

  • Time-bound: What is the projected time frame for meeting the goal?

Convert Strategy to SMART Goal

Turn the strategy into a SMART goal by making it: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. For example:

Your team agrees that a priority for the school community is to build partnerships with child care services to bolster attendance for older students who may often stay home to care for younger siblings. Apply this SMART goal to your CEP so that the strategy becomes a priority for all.

Accessing Your CEP

The Comprehensive Education Plan is the NYC schools’ road map. The CEP is a living document that guides the school each year. The School Leadership Team should collaborate to develop the CEP.