Food Access

Connecting students and families with food falls into three categories:

Benefits Enrollment

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (aka "foodstamps") helps families and individuals supplement the cost of their diet with nutritious foods.

For emergencies and expedited processing, apply directly with DSS/HRA online with ACCESS HRA or through one of the sites found on the map below.

For non-emergency situations, find your local Single Stop below for SNAP application assistance and support.

Food Pantries

There are roughly 500 food pantries and community kitchens throughout New York City where anyone can get nutritious food or a well-balanced hot meal.

Find a location in three ways:

1. Locations nearest to your school are on the map below.

2. Find additional pantries and kitchens here or here.

3. Call NYC's Emergency FoodLine at 1-866-888-8777.

Coming Soon: Information about bringing a low-cost food pantry to your school!

Farm-to-Table Programs

Schools can partner with organizations to bring bags of fresh food to their families.

Families sign up for weekly or monthly bags, depending on the school's preference.

Please note that these bags do cost money. Prices vary by organization, with most having discounts for EBT (SNAP).

For more information on La Canasta and Corbin Hill Food Project- two partners working with our office, click here.

To find the closest food access sites nearest your school, look under

DSS/HRA SNAP Enrollment sites (Yellow Icon)

Single Stop (Green Icon)

Food Pantries/Soup Kitchens (Brown Icon)

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