Every Student, Every Day for Shelters

In partnership with the Department of Homeless Services, the Office of Community Schools has implemented Every Student Every Day in Shelters. Family Assistants work with Shelter Staff to meet weekly, assign Success Mentors and draw on community resources to help students living in shelter get the support they need to stay and succeed in school.

Every Student, Every Day Guide for Shelters

The Every Student Every Day (ESED) Guide for Shelters

highlights strategic actions that all shelters can take to help

students living in Shelters attend school more regularly.

Components of the Every Student Every Day in Shelter Strategy:

Weekly Attendance Meetings in Shelters

Success Mentoring in Shelters

Technical Assistance

LINC is available to coach and support staff with

the adoption of the Every Student Every Day

strategy in the Shelter.

The National Center for Community Schools will

provide training and supports for Success


New Visions for Public Schools will offer training

on the New Visions Portal (Link coming soon).

New Visions for Public Schools Shelter Portal

Shelter staff and DOE staff working in Shelters will have access

to the New Visions Portal, which provides shelter-specific views

of trends in student attendance and chronic absenteeism.

Resources for Shelters

Community School's Student Temporary Housing | Office of Community Schools

Student Temporary Housing Training | NYS-TEACHES

Family Justice Center (FJC) | NYC Mayor's Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence

Youth Development | Girls Scouts of Greater New York, Troop 6000

The Center: The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center Homepage | The Center

Program & Services | The Door

Healthcare | The Floating Hospital

Immigration Support | NYC Mayor's Office of Immigration Affairs

Guides & Materials

ESED Shelter Guide.docx.pdf
Getting Started in Shelters.docx