April 2019

Are you wondering how you can decrease your school’s chronic absence rate by the end of the school year? Check out the webinar “How to Use the Heat Map to Prevent the Spring Slump” and the tip sheet "Boosting Student Attendance during Spring Slump" to learn how to identify subgroups and assign targeted interventions!

March 2019

Are you wondering how you can use the New Visions Data Portal to identify students who may need supports and assign interventions? Check out New Visions’ Marking Period Analysis Webinar and Marking Period Analysis Tip Sheet!

Check out the webinar, “Going Deeper on Belief #3” to learn about facilitation and how results move groups from talk to action. You can learn more about the three beliefs that drive Continuous Improvement in NYC Community Schools on the OCS Website!

February 2019

Are you having trouble logging into the Data Portal and Attendance Heat Map? Check out our “Accessing the New Visions Data Tools” Tip Sheet to assist with trouble shooting!

You can now bulk assign students to interventions and supports in the Data Portal! Use the heat map to filter students and then copy the OSIS numbers into the search bar in the Data Portal. Learn more with this Tip Sheet: “How to Cross-reference Students between the Heat Map and the Data Portal to Assign Interventions.”

January 2019

Wondering how to boost students’ attendance in the winter months? Check out our “How to Find Trends in Student Populations” Tip Sheet – which includes tips and tricks on how to navigate the Attendance Heat Map and find trends in student populations.

The Continuous Improvement Guide: A Guide for Principals and Community School Directors is available now! This guide provides an overview of the three beliefs that drive continuous improvement in NYC Community Schools. Learn new techniques for data inquiry, how to analyze root causes, and build accountability in schools. The guide includes data strategies, resources and more!