Welcome to the Seahawk Times!


The Journalism class at HHIHS is excited to begin publishing news articles for this school year. You will get to read the new articles from our new writers each semester.
Our previous editions from the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years can be found under the tab, "Archives."

We will release our digital newspaper on the following days:

9th Edition -October 30, 2022

10th Edition - January 1, 2023

11th Edition -April 5, 2023

12th Edition - June 4, 2023

By the way, check out the SNN (News Show) page every day for our daily student news show. The videos will be removed from the week by 5PM on Sundays. New episodes will be uploaded by 8:30AM each school day. 

Click the SNN Icon to view our morning announcements and some videos from our YouTube Channel.

Click the photo or click 2023 Referendum to see how staff, students, and the community are Re-Imagining HHIHS ahead of the November 2023 Referendum Vote. Help the Seahawks get a new school building! 

¡Estamos Disponible en Español!

Si hablas español y quieres leer digitalmente el periódico de nuestra escuela... ¡Pues hoy es tu día de suerte! ¡Nuestros artículos están disponibles en español!

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